“I so LOVE the Replenish! It’s so much better than any greens I have ever bought.”

Shelley, Etobicoke, ON

I started using this cream a few years ago and it has absolutely changed my life! I had bad acne and it was affecting myself self-esteem. Everything I tried was too oily or too drying . After a few days of using the cream, my skin rebalanced and it helped heal alongside with the taking Replenish nutritional powder! Thank you for this truly amazing product line and the people behind it !!!”

Victoria, Newmarket, ON

“Thank you so much for the soap. As I mentioned at the time, my husband has suffered a terrible rash over most of his body, a reaction to an antibiotic he took. Unfortunately this rash got bad enough that he feared using soap as it irritated the problem causing burning, further itching and redness. He even started to get flaking and excessively dry.

He was hesitant to try your soap but agreed to shower with the lemongrass soap you made. Not only was the rash not irritated by your soap, but I believe it helped improve the condition of the hives. Within only a couple of days the irritated areas were almost gone. They were not raised as high, not peeling and flaking, no longer itching, and the flesh is now getting back to normal.

I wanted to share this experience with you and thank you again.”

Tricia, Mt. Albert, ON


“I think Replenish is a terrific product. I find I don’t tend to notice significant changes or improvements when I take supplementation products, but I can say I did with Replenish! By taking it every day, after a couple of months my wrinkles diminished, my skin was more consistently hydrated looking, and no blemishes were appearing! Fruits and Veggies….how simple is that? I’ll be taking my dose with Replenish! Thanks Jennifer and Dagmar.”

Gisele, Aurora, ON

Wendy circle

“Before using Replenish I’d had bothersome hot flashes for almost a year and a brown spot on my face that I really disliked!  After using Replenish for a few months I’ve noticed that the hot flashes are hardly noticeable and so is the brown spot! I like knowing that when I add Replenish to my shake I’m getting fruit and vegetables – especially on the days when I don’t have time to add veggies to my meals. I also add a scoop of Replenish to soups, stews, chili and spaghetti sauce for added nutrition!”

Wendy, Scarborough, ON


Jennifer Walton - circle

“I have been using Replenish vegan organic powder for almost a year. The first thing I noticed were the spots on my face from sun damage started to fade. It may taste like dirt, but it works. My skin is beautiful. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer, Holland Landing, ON

Jennifer and Dagmar put their heart into creating a wonderful product that will leave your skin feel rejuvenated, silky soft and nourished. And all that with the most natural, chemical free ingredients. Love Skin RnR!

Claude, Newmarket, ON

“I have extremely sensitive skin. Most products actually cause severe inflammation and some I’ve tried in the past have actually burned my skin and made my eyes swell shut. I was a little apprehensive about trying something new, but I’m so glad I did. This natural blend of different clays, rosehip, green tea, cucumber and papaya actually feels amazing!”

Melodie, Newmarket, ON

Paul 2 - After

“I have been using Replenish nutritional powder since June of 2016. Since then, I have seen an improvement in my overall health. I have generally looked young for my age, but since I have begun using Replenish I can unequivocally state that I look healthier and younger. My skin is less dry, more even, and brighter than it has been in the past. People have noticed the new hair growth in my thinning eyebrows, and relatives have commented on my improved appearance. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Replenish to anyone who is looking to naturally improve their appearance, health, energy levels, and overall nutritional intake.“

Paul, Aurora, Ontario

Inoue- circle

“I’ve struggled with acne for about 8 years and I was given Replenish as a gift from a family friend because she knew I was having problems with my skin and it was something that helped with her skin a lot. I was hesitant at first to try something new because in the past I was used to new things making my skin even worse! I decided to give it a go and I couldn’t believe my results. With in 1 week I was noticing less and less acne each and every day. By the time one month hit, I didn’t even have 1 pimple on my face. I went from having about 15 pimples at a time, to absolutely nothing. I still do get a pimple here and there, but nothing close to as bad as it was before. This product really works from the inside out which I love! I take one scoop everyday and mix it into half a bottle of water. Not only does it help with acne, but it also gives my skin a glow that I have never had before. This product saved me and I highly recommend it to anyone that struggles with acne.”

Inuoe, Acton, Ontario

“I didn’t really understand what healing myself from the inside out meant until I started using Replenish. Every season change, my nose would split. It’s quite painful and I didn’t understand why it was happening, but now I know I wasn’t giving myself proper nutrition. Not only that, I am seeing creases on my face start to disappear! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!!”

Falynn, Georgina, Ontario


Dora website


“I have been using the Replenish fruit and veggie powder for a few months and love the way it makes me feel! The powder is like getting all my nutrients in one shake!

Dora, Richmond Hill, Ontario


Jamie circle


“Although I don’t really like many vegetables I am reassured that I get my daily dose by adding your Replenish to my morning smoothie.”  

Jamie, North York, Ontario

Maureen circle


“I have been using Replenish powder for about 2 years now with positive results.  Started to notice my face became clearer, less breakouts and lines starting to lessen.  And the other day someone said to me you are looking wonderful, just the boost anyone could use!!”

Maureen, Sharon, Ontario

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