When to take Replenish:

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Replenish can be taken at any time of the day that best suits your schedule. The key to improved overall well-being is to take it consistently on a daily basis. Whether you start your day with juice and Replenish, add Replenish to your post-workout smoothie, or take Replenish in your water bottle as you commute to work, you’ll soon see the results in your health!


How to use Replenish:

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To enjoy Replenish in its purest form, simply add one scoop to a 6-8 oz glass of water, mix well using a whisk, and drink immediately. Since Replenish does not contain any artificial sweeteners, it does have an earthy taste. You can therefore also add one scoop of Replenish to a 6-8 oz glass of your favourite organic juice, mix well using a whisk, and drink immediately.

Replenish can boost the nutritional value of your smoothies. Mix together your favourite smoothie ingredients in a blender, add one scoop of Replenish, and blend well. Because we’ve taken the utmost care in the selection of our 100% certified organic ingredients, we recommend you read labels and also use pure organic ingredients when making your smoothies. Cheers to your health!


Tips on using Replenish:


  • If you haven’t been used to consuming 11 fruits and vegetables daily, you may want to start with ½ scoop for your daily drink and gradually increase to a full scoop.
  • Either use a whisk or shaker bottle to blend the Replenish well with water or juice.
  • Although you may lose some of the nutritional quality when heating Replenish, it can be used as an ingredient added to prepared foods such as baked goods, nutritional snacks and bars, and sauces; a great way to add nutrition into the diets of children and seniors.


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