The Skin RnR Story

We are a two-woman company with a two steps to healthy skin. Our products are designed and created to make you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.  So how did our two-woman company come to be? This is our story in our own words:


Hi, I’m Jennifer Fisher (in the purple), the founder of Skin RnR and the formulator of “Replenish” smoothie booster and “Restore” vegan skincare. As a teenager, I suffered from a serious case of acne. The acne continued into adulthood, so I trained to become a  medical aesthetician. Even during the training, I was not able to solve my acne problem. I decided to create my own natural vegan skincare. Over four years of research and testing, I created “Restore” skincare products and got rid of my acne.


The truth is that beauty IS only skin deep, so for true improvements of the skin to take place, I knew issues needed to be addressed at the root cause. This is why I formulated “Replenish” smoothie booster. The 11 carefully selected organic fruit, vegetable and berry ingredients have been chosen to balance your nutritional daily needs. This powerhouse of nutrition goes much deeper than the skin and regenerates the cells to help with various conditions. Just see what my friend and business partner, Dagmar, has to say….


Hi, I’m Dagmar Schoenrock (in the green). As Jennifer said, we are long-time friends. I had been using Jennifer’s skincare and was always recommending it to others. Because I’m vegan and had been taking a whole foods supplement for over 6 years, I didn’t think I needed Replenish. When Jennifer’s business was growing, she asked me to join her. It only made sense that I stopped using the supplement and started using Replenish. Within less than six months, my appearance and overall well-being changed.

All of the so-called normal signs of aging disappeared (thinning hair, bleeding gums, night sweats, cracking knee joints, and most noticeably, my fine lines and wrinkles). What the other product had not delivered in 6 years, Replenish did in only 6 short months! People are always telling me that I look at least ten years younger than I am. This is why my suggestion to you is to read labels, compare “apples” to “apples”, and you’ll see for yourself what Replenish has to offer.



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